Delaware, Day Two

We started off with a leisurely morning at home before heading to downtown Columbus to have lunch with Tom and take in the sights. We had a delicious lunch at a snazzy restaurant with valet parking. There were these beautiful fountains outside the restaurant and even more beautiful was the warm, sunny day.

lunch fountain

Next, we went to see the humongous gavel that’s in a little park area next to the Supreme Court building.  It’s really big!

big gavel

After the gavel, Tom took us to a farmer’s market set up in an alley downtown. There was some great looking produce I couldn’t pass up.  I got some yellow, red and orange tomatoes, colorful bell peppers and really sweet strawberries just picked this morning according to the lady selling them.

outdoor market

After the street market, Tom took us to a more permanent indoor market called the North Market where Bill and Mary Beth got lattes.


From the North Market we went to a park with an elephant fountain.

elelphant fountain

There were lots of ducks and geese around the park enjoying the day.   So were we.

at the parkOn the way home from our downtown excursion, Tom and I went to an Italian market, Carfagna’s, to pick up some important ingredients so that we could make an antipasti extravaganza to feast on before heading to a Friday night high school football game.  Bill and Mary Beth headed home to take naps.

When we got home we discovered that the amazing screen porch had acquired some unwanted guests (bugs), so Tom got the ‘Dyson’ out and sucked them up.

vacuuming bugs

At approximately 6:20pm we headed for the football game.  The stadium was packed but we found some good seats.

at the game

The Braves (Christy’s school) crushed the Pioneers 36 to 0 to remain undefeated this season.  Yay, go Braves!!!

After the game we went to a party to celebrate the induction into the Olentangy High School Sports Hall of Fame of a friend of Tom and Mary Beth’s.  We met lots of really nice people and had a good time.

As usual, it’s way past bed time and everyone has gone to bed but me.  I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for tomorrow but I’m sure it will be a good time.


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