Another beautiful day in Delaware

We woke up to another glorious day in Delaware, Ohio.  I could really get used to this kind of weather.  After a lunch of various yummy leftovers we headed to Alum Creek to go kayaking.  I took lots of pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Here are Bill and  Tom getting the kayaks ready to launch.

kayak prep

Here’s  the gang once we got going.  What a beautiful spot to play in on this magnificent day.


Tom and Mary Beth in their fetching blue and green kayaks.

tom mb kayak

Bill in his sleek yellow watercraft.

billy kayak

Mary Beth enjoying a zen moment.

mb kayak

Tom taking in the scenery.

tom kayak

Here are an assortment of the many herons we saw.



heron tree

Can you find the heron in this picture?

find the heron

There were also turtles on the logs.

turtleAnd some beautiful cloud formations.


All in all a great outdoor experience provided by Captain Tom.

captain tom

After we got home, Tom went up to the store to get the dinner ingredients on his Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.  It’s a beautiful bike and sounded just like the Harley’s that go by our house all summer…loud and rumbley.

harley tom

I, on the other hand, spent some quiet time on the amazing screen porch.

bonnie screen porch

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

When Tom was mowing his garden area this afternoon, he found this frog.


And transplanted it to his pond in the back yard.  What a lucky frog.


For dinner, Tom grilled pork tenderloin and Mary Beth  made green beans in the oven.  It was a superb meal.


After dinner we watched the Ohio State football game, a Saturday standard in this part of the country.  The Buckeyes won 50 to 28.


I’m really enjoying this retired life!


One thought on “Another beautiful day in Delaware”

  1. What a great day! It cracks me up how the words are pouring out of you now that you are retired…but I love it! Hopefully we will still have lovely weather for you by the time you get here to see us. It is supposed to be in the upper 90’s next week…not sure how I feel about that :(.

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