Delaware, by way of Youngstown

We left Cleveland bright and early on this lovely Thursday morning.  The weather has been absolutely superb.  Warm, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  I love it.  We made a pit stop just outside of Youngstown and had lunch with our good friend Jeff Malley from Juneau who happened to be in Ohio visiting his mom.

After our lunch at the Korner Diner we headed for Delaware (a city in Ohio just outside of Columbus, not to be confused with the state) to visit the D’Amico’s; Bill’s sister Mary Beth, her husband Tom and their daughter Christy.


And we can’t leave out Baxter, the dog.


They live out in the country in a lovely house with the most amazing screen porch.


We spent the afternoon relaxing on the amazing screen porch where the weather was delightful.  Tom, ever the gracious host, made some guacamole and cheese and crackers which was just what we needed after our day on the road.

sun porch

We went to the Bistro Grill for dinner and the food was great, the service so-so.  Our waiter seemed to forget about us frequently.  Oh well, you can’t always have everything.  We had an enjoyable evening despite the waiter.  The ladies from the table next to us were from Boardman, Ohio, where Tom is from, and one of them consented to take our picture.

group photo

After dinner, we dropped Christy off at home to do her homework and the rest of us went to downtown Delaware for ice cream at Whit’s (we brought some home for Christy).  It was a tiny little place with really good ice cream/custard.


Now I’m hearing the crickets calling my name and I think it’s time for sleep.  Tomorrow we’re going to venture into downtown Columbus for lunch and then take a look around the ‘Short North’, an area with lots of little shops and interesting stuff.  The evening entertainment hasn’t been pinned down yet so it will be a surprise for all of us.

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