First Narrows Cove to Big Bay to Seven Fathoms Bay

We woke up Thursday morning to FOG!  We decided to change our next stop from Shamrock Bay, six miles up West Crawfish Inlet to Big Bay which was a real easy and fairly close anchorage.  There was not much to see along the way.

P1100738 (1024x756)

Once we got to Big Bay and anchored there seemed to be a lot of wind in what was supposed to be a fairly protected area.  After about three hours, we decided we should move and try to find a better, less windy place to spend the night.  Of course, about this time it decided to start pouring rain but we decided to move anyway.  At least the seas were calm since it was very foggy and rainy.

P1100742 (1024x763)

Once we got into Seven Fathoms Bay we knew we had made the right decision.  It just felt more snug and there was much less wind.  It was a fine place to spend the night.  And what a difference a day makes!  Friday morning was beautiful.

P1100745 (1024x768)

This deer was climbing around on the rocks looking for grass to eat.

P1100747 (1024x767)

There were also lots of bald eagles in the trees.  This isn’t a great picture, but it gives you an idea of what we were seeing.

P1100752 (1024x768)

Unfortunately, around mid-morning the toilet broke!  We could have forged ahead with a five gallon bucket but we decided to wimp out and head back to Sitka to make repairs.

On the way, we had to go through Dorothy Narrows once again but since I had the track from our previous transit, it wasn’t a problem.  It was still awfully narrow.

P1100755 (1024x768)

Just before we got back to Sitka we saw these cormorants.  They looked like spikes on the top of the rocks.

P1100758 (1024x768)

And, for the first time on this trip we saw Mount Edgecumbe.

P1100756 (1024x768)

It was a very pleasant trip back to town and turned into a beautiful, sunny day.

Now that we’re on the dock we’re hoping to fix the toilet in the next couple of days and then start to make our way back to Juneau.  Tonight we’re going to dinner with Ann and will forget all about our toilet woes before starting to work on it tomorrow morning.  Wish us luck!

One thought on “First Narrows Cove to Big Bay to Seven Fathoms Bay”

  1. Good thing Bill is a good Captain navigating through all them narrow passages with all those rocks,how is that done safely is there a map of some kind to navigate through.???????
    The Pictures are just Awesome
    And the blog is too
    Enjoying your trip
    Greg Sarisky
    (Good luck on your repairs)

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