CIMG1230Bill and Bonnie live in Juneau, Alaska and enjoy boating and outdoor recreation in beautiful Southeast Alaska.  In May 2013 we purchased a Nordic Tug ‘Madeline’ and a new chapter began.  This Blog/website is essentially the ‘Ships Log’ of Tug Madeline.  We hope you enjoy it and comment when you feel like it.  Bill

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. We’re glad you guys are taking your time to enjoy the adventure. Keep the pictures coming so we can enjoy your trip along with you. Watch that battery condition!

  2. Bill and Bonnie, I’m glad to see/read that you are having a great time. Congratulations on retirement, your new boat, and entering a new chapter of your life!

  3. Bill and Bonnie
    Jeff forwarded me the link to your adventure back to Juneau, I am getting caught up on your trip, looks like you guys are enjoying Retirement and having a great time, The pictures and Blog are awesome really enjoyed reading them.
    Will keep checking back and keeping up-dated on your trip
    Congratulations on your new Boat and Retirement.
    Greg Sarisky,/Ohio

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