Scow Bay to First Narrows Cove

From Scow Bay to First Narrows Cove we retraced our route from the day before except instead of going through First Narrows we took a left (headed west) and were in the cove where we planned to spend the night.  We got the tender down and went for a ride around the area but there was nowhere to get out and go for a walk so we went back to the boat where we spent a very leisurely day.  It was mostly sunny until late in the evening so it was a beautiful place to spend a beautiful day.  We could see the South end of First Narrows from our anchorage.

P1100735 (1024x768)

This is the group of islands that was protecting us from the ocean.

P1100733 (1024x768)

2 thoughts on “Scow Bay to First Narrows Cove”

    1. Thanks Susie, it’s good to know folks are paying attention. It’s fun to know you are traveling with us. Wonder where we will anchor next…..

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