DeGroff Bay to Moses Point Cove to Auke Bay

Tuesday morning we left DeGroff Bay for Kalinin Bay and our decision over whether to go up the outside or through Peril Strait back tracing our route to Sitka.  As we exited the inner bay we got a great look at the rocks in the entrance.

P1100779 (1024x762)

When we got up to Salisbury Sound we determined that the weather was not good enough to go up the outside, we’ll save that for another time.  Since that decision was made and we were going up Peril Strait we also decided to skip Kalinin Bay, go through Sergius Narrows and see how far we could get towards home.  We were a little early to get through the narrows safely so we went into Schulze Cove to hang out and have some lunch.  When we got to the cove we saw this mooring buoy which meant we didn’t have to set the anchor.  We tied off to the buoy and had a lovely little break.

P1100787 (1024x768)

There was a Forest Service cabin on the shore, which was the reason for the mooring buoy.  It looked like it would be a nice place to stay sometime.

P1100790 (1024x768)

Once we got through the narrows, we had a long day ahead of us in Peril Strait.  As we were cruising, the ferry came out of the fog behind us.

P1100798 (1024x768)

And then passed us up.

P1100805 (1024x768)

We finally stopped at about 7:30pm at Moses Point Cove where we had a good couple of days just a few weeks earlier.  It got pretty windy when we arrived so we decided to move over a bit in Hannus Bay and anchor behind Catherine Island where it looked a little more protected.  When we got over there it was still pretty windy but we went ahead and anchored anyway.  Not very long afterwards, we decided we didn’t want to be there and moved back over to Moses Point Cove.  It was a little rolly and noisy when we first anchored but things settled down nicely during the night and we woke up to a totally calm morning.

20160824_073023 (1024x768)

We got a really early start Wednesday morning (7:30am!) and were planning on cruising to Tenakee Springs where we were most likely going to stay for a couple of days because the wind was forecast to blow up on Thursday.  When we got out into Chatham Strait it was really foggy but the water was calm, we had radar and our track from our outward journey so it wasn’t a problem.

20160824_084754 (1024x751)

When we got to Tenakee Inlet and it was time to make the turn to go to Tenakee Springs, we changed our minds.  The water was so calm and it was still relatively early so we decided to push on and head for home.  Just past the inlet we came out of the fog and had a pleasant although rather long trip back to Auke Bay.

20160824_122103 (1024x754)

We got home around 5:00pm, found a spot and tied up.

IMG_1306 (640x480)

Then we headed home.

P1100820 (1024x768)

Although we had a great time on the boat, it was really nice to sleep in our own bed in our own house.  We can even keep an eye on Madeline from home.

P1100807 (1024x768)

Although this adventure is over, I’m going to be on jury duty for the next three months so I’ll have lots of time to plan for more….

One thought on “DeGroff Bay to Moses Point Cove to Auke Bay”

  1. Bill &Bonnie
    looks like you guys had a great trip thanks for taking us along on your Adventure,Enjoyed all the post and Pictures
    Greg Sarisky

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