Windy Weather Extends Our Stay In Prince Rupert

With windy weather in the forecast we are staying in port.
We found the “Cowpuccino Coffee Shop”. Since we are in Cow Bay it all goes together and the coffee is great.


4 thoughts on “Windy Weather Extends Our Stay In Prince Rupert”

  1. It is really windy here in Fairbanks as well – cold and rainy. Not our usual beautiful summer weather. We even fired up the woodstove the other night. However, I am stuck in the office rather than enjoying a nice cup of coffee in a great coffee-house. (Nope, not jealous at all.) Stay safe!

  2. Just wanted to let you know we’re watching. The pictures are wonderful. I could use a cup of that coffee about now. Tenn has been hot this week until some rain came this afternoon and cooled things off a bit.

    we got some beets from our neighbor so spent the afternoon making pickled beets and we’re not finished yet. (we’re taking a break though till Sun.)

    I hope it is well with you. Bottleneck Cove looked fantastic, made me feel like swimming! Thanks again for taking the time to document your adventure. love, Susie

  3. Pickled beets are my favorite! I remember we always had them back in Ohio. Thanks for the comments. It’s great to know you are thinking of us.

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