4 thoughts on “Windy Weather Extends Our Stay In Prince Rupert”

  1. It is really windy here in Fairbanks as well – cold and rainy. Not our usual beautiful summer weather. We even fired up the woodstove the other night. However, I am stuck in the office rather than enjoying a nice cup of coffee in a great coffee-house. (Nope, not jealous at all.) Stay safe!

  2. Just wanted to let you know we’re watching. The pictures are wonderful. I could use a cup of that coffee about now. Tenn has been hot this week until some rain came this afternoon and cooled things off a bit.

    we got some beets from our neighbor so spent the afternoon making pickled beets and we’re not finished yet. (we’re taking a break though till Sun.)

    I hope it is well with you. Bottleneck Cove looked fantastic, made me feel like swimming! Thanks again for taking the time to document your adventure. love, Susie

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