Prince Rupert, Day 2

The weather forecast for Dixon Entrance looked pretty bad for today so we decided to stay in Prince Rupert.  The forecast is even worse for Saturday, Sunday and Monday so unless things change considerably it looks like we ‘ll be staying in Prince Rupert until Tuesday.  Can you find Madeline?


Since we’re going to be here for a while we decided to rent a car for a couple of days and look around.  Many of the buildings in town have interesting marine themed murals on one or more of their walls and this one really caught my eye.

sockeye mural

We drove out to Port Edward, about 11 miles from Prince Rupert ,to see the North Pacific Cannery Museum.  They have taken the remains of an old cannery and are working on restoring it and giving tours to the public.  We took two tours, one how the cannery operated and one on the lives of the people who worked in the cannery.  It was really interesting and made for an enjoyable afternoon.  This is one of the old net sheds that dates back to 1918.

net shed

On our way out of the cannery we found Bill an old gillnetter to restore.

billys new boat

When we returned to the boat we had new neighbors who we had met previously in Hartley Bay.  Gerd and Linda Mueller on the sailboat Taranga came over for a visit in the afternoon and shared some charts, software and local knowledge about navigating in and out of Prince Rupert.  It’s really fun to meet new people who have the same interest in exploring the inside passage between Canada and Alaska and have lots of experience to share.

linda gerd

We’ve still got a few days left in port and tomorrow we have showers and laundry on the list of things to do.  It doesn’t sound very exciting but you never know what might happen. We’ll keep you posted .

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