Arundel, Maine

We made it to Maine today in our very own car!  Things were looking up.  The Portsmouth, NH Ford dealer found a sensor that hadn’t been calibrated correctly and had it fixed before noon.  What a difference a day makes. 🙂

happy car

All was good until about two minutes before we arrived at our destination when the tire pressure sensor warning went off again. Oh well, we’re kind of getting used to it now.  It’s not nearly so bad when we’re where we want to be and don’t need a car for a few days. We’re just going to relax and enjoy our time with family this weekend and not worry about cars.  On Monday we’ll have the local dealer take a look and go from there.  I’m much more zen about it today.  Om…

Now to the important stuff.  We spent the day with Bill’s brother John and his wife Anne as well as his niece Kristen and her beau Al. We had a great lunch after we arrived with fresh bread and real tomatoes from the farmer’s market.  They don’t even look the same as a tomato in Juneau and they certainly don’t taste the same.  After lunch we took a trip up to Freeport to the  L. L. Bean flagship store and surrounding outlet stores.  It was amazing.

big boot

We bought lots of stuff and after all of the shopping had dinner at a great Italian restaurant.  It was heavenly.

maine restaurant

We didn’t do very well taking pictures today since they all seem to be of us and not our hosts.  We’ll have to work on that.  It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow and we’re going to the coast!  Fun in the sun at the beach.  All of my favorite things,  I can’t wait.

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