Sitka to Goddard Hot Springs

We woke up Monday morning and had a little friend come by.

P1100666 (1024x767)

Around 8:30am Andrew came by with coffee for Billy and a bagel for me – Thanks, Andrew! After we said our farewells, we took off for Goddard Hot Springs.  We were leaving Sitka behind.

P1100668 (1024x755)

Heading south under the bridge.

P1100667 (1024x768)

We got a much better view of the lighthouse on our way out of Sitka and I got a much better picture.

P1100675 (1024x768)

As we got out into Sitka Sound, all these boats were fishing right on our planned route.  Since we weren’t sure if we could get through them safely, we adjusted our route and went around.

P1100678 (1024x768)

We got up to the hot springs with no trouble and right after we anchored decided to go take a soak.  The tub is in this little cabin on the beach.

IMG_0129 (1024x768)

The water was nice and hot, in fact, it took a little time to get in all the way.

20160815_134500 (1024x762)

The view was amazing.

20160815_134530 (1024x753)

We could even see Madeline from the tub.

IMG_0119 (1024x768)

When we got back from the hot springs we debated on moving to a different anchorage for the night but decided we’d stay put.  It was a little choppy, but overall a fine place to stay for the night.

Tuesday dawned almost sunny and we went back to the hot springs first thing for a quick soak.  After leaving the springs, we went over to check out a cabin that the City of Sitka has just across the way from the hot springs.  It’s called the Tom Young Memorial Cabin and it was really nice!

20160816_104402 (1024x735)

When we returned from the cabin it was time to get ready to take off for Scow Bay.

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