Even More Sitka

Tuesday morning it wasn’t raining!  Actually, it was pretty nice.  After breakfast we went for a walk to Murray Pacific, the marine supply store in Sitka.  It’s one of Billy’s favorite stores.  On the way we passed a few of the local processing plants and we saw these.  Hmm…

IMG_1211 (1024x768)

After a little shopping we headed to town to meet Ann for lunch.  On the way I got a picture of the St. Michael’s Cathedral (Russian Orthodox Church).  At noon there was an actual person up in the bell tower ringing the bells.

IMG_1221 (768x1024)

A little further along the street, I saw this cool bike rack. Sitka is definitely an artsy place.


The Sitka Public Library was recently renovated and the new building is really nice, definitely worth a visit.

IMG_1225 (1024x768)

I’m sure it has one of the  best views of any library anywhere!

IMG_1230 (1024x768)

There was even a heron fishing out front.

IMG_1234 (1024x768)

After lunch we walked around in the downtown harbor (I think there are at least 5 harbors in Sitka, it’s a really boaty place).  I took this panorama from the end of the breakwater.

IMG_1258 (1024x321)

On the way back towards the boat there was a very colorful flower bed.


Later in the evening, after dinner, we hiked up to Ann and Roger’s so I could get my Olympics fix. They were leaving Wednesday morning to go to Utah to see their daughter Jennifer and grandson Brady so we tried to stay out of the way and let them get packed.

Wednesday morning was very rainy.  In fact, it rained all day and we didn’t do much.  We had a little event with our marine toilet which is always a scary prospect but we pumped out and everything seems to be fine now.  This day didn’t even rate any pictures, just a lazy, rainy day.

Thursday dawned nice and dry, which wasn’t supposed to happen but we’ll take it.  Our tentative plans were to take off and explore south of Sitka on Friday, so we needed to do laundry.  We went up to Ann and Roger’s to use their laundry facilities and as the wash was washing we took off for a lap swim at the local swimming pool.  We were starving after swimming so we had a quick lunch at McDonalds.  Like the library, I think this McDonalds must have one of the best views of any McDonalds.  This is the view from the window seat where we had lunch.  You can almost see Madeline from here.


After lunch we went back up to finish the laundry and watch some more Olympics.

By the time we finished with laundry, it was time for dinner.  We went to dinner with our friend Rose MacIntyre at the Channel Club.  The food was good and the company even better.  It’s always fun to catch up with friends.

20160811_202522_001 (1024x768)

After dinner, it was raining once again so we opted for a DVD and bed.  Our original plans to leave tomorrow (Friday) morning probably aren’t going to happen since the weather isn’t cooperating. There’s lots of wind and rain in the forecast for the weekend.  So, it looks like we’ll be spending a few more days in Sitka, a very nice place to get stuck!



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