After a surprisingly good nights sleep in the Sitka harbor Billy got up and went to breakfast with his nephew Andrew.  I was up and moving by the time they got back and we all walked to a farmers market up the street and bought a bunch of fruit.  We took Rio, Ann and Roger’s dog, with us and on our way back to the boat he had to go back to the truck.  He doesn’t like boats much so was happier in the truck.


Later in the afternoon we hiked the Mosquito Cove trail with Ann and Andrew.

20160806_142642(0) (1024x768)

We wanted to check out the benches that Andrew had made and installed on the trail for his Eagle Scout project a few years back.  Here are Billy and Andrew sitting on one of the benches.

20160806_143630 (1024x768)

On the way back around to the car we got into a discussion on the medicinal qualities of devil’s club.  The native people have used it as a healing salve for generations.  It has pretty berries for such a nasty plant.

P1100558 (1024x768)

As is generally true in Southeast Alaska, the woods were a beautiful green and the hike was really pleasant.

P1100560 (1024x768)

After a little rest and cleaning up we all met for dinner at Ludwig’s, the best restaurant in town, and had a really fantastic meal.   Billy and I walked the short distance back to the harbor and since I was so full of good food I decided to stay up and finally get caught up on this blog while I digested a bit.  Now it’s time for bed, so goodnight to all.


3 thoughts on “Sitka”

  1. It’s nice to vicariously enjoy your trips throughout Alaska while reading your blogs and viewing the beautiful pictures. Keep them coming! I hope to visit Alaska again very soon.

  2. I’ve never been to Sitka amd would love to go. Was asked to attend a church meeting there the first weekend in October – but we had already planned a trip back east. Pictures are beautiful!!

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