Kalinin Bay to Sitka

We got up really early Friday morning and were headed to Sitka by 5:45am!  The water was really calm and the ride was beautiful.  When we got to Neva Strait they had some range markers set up for larger boats to get through the narrow part.  I’m almost lined up and we made it through just fine.

P1100534 (1024x768)

Most of the route after you get through Salisbury Sound is really protected and the water was amazingly calm.

P1100538 (1024x768)

Here is a picturesque fishing boat that passed us on the way.

P1100543 (1024x768)

The trip went really quickly and before we knew it we were seeing signs of habitation. This is the breakwater we entered to get to our Sitka home in Old Thomsen Harbor.  You can see the bridge in the background.

P1100547 (1024x768)

After getting tied up and tidying up the boat a bit both inside and out we met Billy’s sister Ann for lunch downtown and then took a tour of the newly remodeled library where she works.  This is a quilt that was hanging in one of the meeting rooms.

20160805_125809 (768x1024)

After taking a rest in the afternoon we went up to Ann and Roger’s house for dinner. Roger grilled the best hamburgers ever and Ann made a killer potato salad.  It was a great meal and I got some laundry done too.  Here we are with Ann at her house.

20160805_202230 (1024x768)

On our way back to the boat we made a quick stop at McDonalds for ice cream and then it was time for bed.  It was a great way to end the day.  I think we’ll probably stay in Sitka for a week or so to rest up and figure out where we’re going next.  Even though we’re not cruising for the moment, I’ll keep you posted on our Sitka land adventures.

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