Baby Bear Bay to Kalinin Bay thru Sergius Narrows

We timed our departure from Baby Bear Bay so that we would reach Sergius Narrows at slack tide, which was around noon.  There are all sorts of horror stories about what happens to boats that don’t wait for slack tide to go through so we were heeding all the warnings and waiting.  When it was time to get started, a big boat, Ocean Mist, was going the same way so we followed her through and it was a breeze.  That’s what happens when you follow the advice of those who have gone before.

P1100444 (1024x768)

After going through the narrows, we came out into Salisbury Sound and got into some ocean swells, something that I haven’t done in a very long time.  They weren’t very big and the weather was really calm but it made eating my soup a little tricky.  It was kind of dark and rainy as we headed to Kalinin Bay but by the time we arrived, it had stopped raining and was very calm.

P1100505 (1024x768)

There is a trail from the head of the bay that goes across the island to Sea Lion Cove on the Pacific Ocean where there is a beautiful beach.  The sun had come out shortly after we anchored so we decided to see if we could go find the trail.  We took the dinghy over to the beach and found the trail head without too much trouble.  It was a really muddy, mucky walk but we had been told it was going to be worth it when we got to the beach on the other side.  Unfortunately, not too far up the trail, we ran into a brown bear sow with two cubs.  The mama bear was fishing in the shallow basin and taking the fish to the babies.  It was really fun to watch her chase the fish around in the shallow water and catch them.  Here are a few pictures.

P1100471 (1024x768)

P1100480 (1024x768)


P1100488 (1024x768)

P1100477 (1024x768)

At this point, since we weren’t familiar with the area or the trail we decided we’d better turn around and save the trail for another day.  Darn!

As we were walking back to the trail head there was an eagle in the water eating a fish pretty far away from where the bear was fishing.  The mama bear saw it and chased the eagle away and took its fish.  There were fish everywhere so I’m not sure why she needed to take this one away from the eagle.  Who knows?

P1100494 (1024x767)

Billy was disappointed that we had to turn around but was happy that we got to go for a walk.

P1100500 (1024x768)

Once again, when we got back to the dinghy it was high and dry!  This time we were thinking ahead and had brought a couple of bumpers from the boat that we put under the dinghy and used to roll it back into the water.  It worked pretty slick.

P1100504 (1024x768)

After we got back to the boat we took it easy and enjoyed the rest of the sunny evening. Billy got this picture of the sun on the trees at the head of the bay.

P1100511 (1024x768)

We’re looking forward to another calm, restful night.

2 thoughts on “Baby Bear Bay to Kalinin Bay thru Sergius Narrows”

  1. “AWESOME PICS” been following every post waiting for the pictures and story that go along with your day.I think todays pics take the Award for the best ones so far.but then again the Whales,seals,are also my favorite.
    Keep them pictures and story about your day coming enjoying all of the post
    Enjoy your trip
    (The Madeline sure is a beautiful Boat)
    Greg Sarisky

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