Tenakee to Moses Point Cove

We left Tenakee on Sunday morning around 10:00am on our way to Moses Point Cove.  The weather was supposed to be very good and it was! We arrived at the cove a little before 3 and were all anchored up shortly after.


Since we were nice and early we decided to go look for the trail to Eva Lake. We had heard that it was a really nice hike.  We got the inflatable raft  down and took off for the next cove over and the trail.  We found the trailhead really easily, beached the raft and started our hike.


The forest was really pretty and the trail was amazing.  There were all sorts of little waysides with rocks and stumps positioned for seating.


There was some bear scat along the trail and we were prepared with a very heavy shotgun. Billy also practiced his whistling skills along the way.  We didn’t see any wildlife beyond squirrels and birds – thankfully.


When we got to the lake it was really beautiful. We rested for a bit taking in all the beautiful scenery before heading back to the boat.


The scenery was amazing.


When we were almost back we saw this bird in a tree.  I think it’s a kingfisher, can you find it?


When we got back to the raft it was low tide and we were high and dry! It was quite an operation to get the raft back down to the water.


It doesn’t look that big but it has a hard bottom which makes it really heavy.  We unloaded all our gear and Billy took the motor off to move it.  We made it back to the water after a lot of muscle work and were back on Madeline in no time.  It was a great hike and I think we might go back again tomorrow.

We were amazed that we could get a cell signal in this cove and no telling when we’ll be connected again but we’ll keep making updates and post them when possible.  Later…




2 thoughts on “Tenakee to Moses Point Cove”

  1. Looks like a beautiful hike! Bonnie, if you had a cigar in your mouth, you and Bill would look like Bonnie and Clyde! Too bad you had no close-ups of a brown bear.

  2. So glad you got the blog up and running again. The pictures are making me smile. It is beautiful up there. Glad you didn’t see the bear. Looking forward to more pictures.

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