Juneau to Tenakee Springs

We left Juneau not so bright and early Friday morning (10:15am) headed toward Sitka with our first stop planned for Tenakee Springs. The weather was supposed to be perfect but it didn’t quite work out that way.  The first hour or so was good as were the last three but the middle four were pretty lumpy.

P1100320 (1024x768)

We made it into Tenakee about 6pm and were more than ready to tie up for the night.

P1100322 Saturday morning we got up and went to the bakery for breakfast.

After breakfast we went for a walk and saw tons of huckleberries.

We turned around and headed back to town at Rocky Creek where someone had rigged up a water tap from the creek along with a cup so you could get a drink. Pretty clever!

 Now we’re at the library where they have a wifi connection. We’re catching up on emails, downloading some podcasts and working on this post. Billy is getting hungry so I think we’d better head back to the boat for lunch and get this posted later.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress as the internet allows. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Juneau to Tenakee Springs”

  1. Bill and Bonnie
    I was wondering when you two would be traveling again on the Madeline I kept checking your blog every once in a while, was surprised when I received the Email this morning.
    I always enjoyed the pictures and the story that goes along with them
    Have a great time
    Greg Sarisky

  2. Some people pay dearly for fresh spring water. Have fun in Sitka. When you guys come this way we’ll have your room ready and the pool heated.

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