Vancouver to Victoria

Linda graciously gave me some of her photos from the past few days I thought I would share.  We’ll start with a few pictures from the Granville Public Market.  There were all sorts of colorful squashes.

141114 Cypress Mtn & Granville Island (4 of 7)

Here I am, checking out the beautiful veggies, and

141114 Cypress Mtn & Granville Island (5 of 7)

the amazing looking sweet treats.

141114 Cypress Mtn & Granville Island (6 of 7)

When we were at the park she got a great photo of a snow goose in flight.

141115 Vancouver visit (17 of 24)

She also got this photo of a couple of cormorants that were fishing in Finn’s Slough.

141115 Vancouver visit (12 of 24)

And last but not least she got some shots at the Yacht Club.  Here are Gerd, Bill and I with their sailboat, Taranga,

141115 Vancouver visit (20 of 24)

and here is the city through the harbor at the club.

141115 Vancouver visit (22 of 24)

To finish our Saturday evening, Linda made us an amazing steak dinner.  There was steak, garlic, mashed potatoes and a medley of veggies.  It was outstanding.


We went for a walk around the block after dinner to get some fresh air and stretch our legs before returning home for a dessert of figs and cheese.  I’d never had a fig before and it tasted wonderful.

We had to get up early on Sunday morning so we could catch the ferry to Victoria.  We took a front porch picture as we were making our farewells.

2014-11-16 Vancouver (6 of 13)

We had a lovely time in Vancouver and were overwhelmed by the warm and wonderful hospitality offered us by both Linda and Gerd.

Here we are getting last minute directions to the ferry terminal from Gerd.

2014-11-16 Vancouver (11 of 13)

Once on the ferry, as we pulled out of the terminal we saw a bunch of sailboats.  They must have been having a regatta or some such event.  The ferry actually slowed down and went around them, I was amazed.

2014-11-16 Vancouver (12 of 13)

We made it to Victoria without incident, checked into our hotel and had a restful afternoon.

We went to dinner at our favorite Polish restaurant in Victoria, Skinnytato.  We had an excellent meal and as we finished, the owner came by and said that she and her husband were talking about selling the restaurant and retiring.  I’m glad we came by while they were still in business.  I got a beet salad to go with my meal and I really enjoyed it.


Now we’re relaxing, watching Masterpiece Contemporary and getting ready for bed.

Tomorrow we’ll catch another ferry that will take us to Port Angeles and lunch with friends.  Then we’ll be off to Port Townsend where we’ll stay with friends for a few more days before we head home.

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