Monday morning we left Exeter for the Fresno airport where we said goodbye to my mom.  She went home to Anchorage with its freezing temperatures and snow.  I’m glad we didn’t have to go home quite yet.

Bill and I were headed to Yosemite but we didn’t have a place to stay and needed to get that figured out before we left.  We decided to go to a restaurant where they had wifi, get some lunch and make some plans.  We had a great lunch but they didn’t have wifi so we didn’t find a place to stay.  We also needed some sort of a cooler to keep our grapes cool so we went shopping and found a cheap cooler and some ice.  When we went to put it in the back of the car, we found that the top had come off a container of oatmeal and spilled.  Next stop, a car wash with vacuums.  After we got the mess cleaned up, we decided to go to the library for wifi.  While at the library, we found a condo in Yosemite West that was available for the night and were finally able to get started on our journey around 2pm.

Our first stop in the park was the Mariposa Grove of giant redwood trees.  Again, they were magnificent.  We only took a couple pictures since we’ve got lots of tree pictures already.  Here we are in a tunnel tree that was used for horse and buggy travel.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (2 of 119)

And here is Bill by the roots of a fallen tree.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (4 of 119)

After checking out the trees, it was getting late and we had no idea where we were going to find dinner.  We knew there wasn’t any food available close to the condo and yet we didn’t bring much with us, go figure.  We checked in and I asked the manager about places to eat.  She indicated, in her broken English, that we would have to go into the Village, something I was hoping to put off until the next day.

We drove into Yosemite Village where it was pitch dark and we had no idea where we were going.  They don’t waste a lot of money on lighting in Yosemite.  We finally found the Lodge and then had a 40 minute wait for dinner.  Bill wasn’t pleased.  😦  When we did get dinner, it was very good and the drive back home was much easier than expected.  Upon arriving home, I found a flyer on top of the microwave oven advertising pizza delivery to the condos.  Really???  That would have been perfect.  Oh well, If we ever come back we’ll know.  We were so tired at this point,  we just fell into bed.

Tuesday morning, we got up and got going to see the rest of the park.  We started off by driving to Glacier Point, where there was a great view of Half Dome, one of the iconic rock features of Yosemite.

half dome

We had our picture taken with Half Dome in the background.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (23 of 119)

There were lots of other rock features, I believe this one is called the Three Arches.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (26 of 119)

After Glacier Point, we drove into Yosemite Valley.  After driving through a tunnel,

2014-10-27 Yosemite (50 of 119)

the other side held an amazing view of the valley with the other iconic Yosemite rock feature, El Capitan, with Half Dome in the background.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (44 of 119)

Here is El Capitan on it’s own.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (51 of 119)

And here it is from the other side.  It was a gorgeous day with gorgeous views from every direction.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (61 of 119)

We continued our drive through the Valley and stopped at the Merced River where Bill couldn’t get over the awesome views in all directions.2014-10-27 Yosemite (68 of 119)This is a rock formation that I really liked.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (79 of 119)

There was something amazing to look at every way you turned!

After making a loop through the Valley, it was time to move on.  We left the area on a different road than when we entered the park which gave us even more varied vistas.  After leaving Yosemite Valley, we saw some interesting country that had recently been ravaged by fire.

2014-10-27 Yosemite (115 of 119)

What an amazing place!

We had to drive for a while to get cell service and when we did, we called a bunch of hotels in the Stockton area only to find them all full for the night.  We finally found a place that had two rooms left but they were right under the air handling unit for the building so could be noisy.  We took a room, in Manteca, California, and since Bill is already sound asleep, I don’t think the noise is going to be a problem.

Now that I’m finally caught up on my posting, I need to figure out where we’re going to go and stay for the next couple of days.  My detailed pre-planning for this trip stopped at Yosemite and I never got around to going any further, oops.

Our next destination is Redwoods National Park on the North coast of California where the tallest redwood trees are located.  I think it will take a couple of days to get there but it should be well worth the trip and will put us on the coast for going into Oregon.

One thought on “Yosemite”

  1. Bill &Bonnie
    beautiful pictures cannot get over the sizes of them trees WOW must be old trees for sure.
    Really enjoying the scenery of your road trip thanks for taking the time to share your pictures and stories.

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