Desert Vistas

We woke up Monday morning to more cool, cloudy weather.  Were we really in Texas?  Actually, it was okay since we were planning to drive all day.  We left Plano around 10am and took Alan to the airport so he could go to work and then we were off to Odessa, Texas.  We hadn’t heard anything good about west Texas but the drive was rather scenic and included; wide loads,

wide load

Wind farms,


oil fields and

drill site

lots of desert.


We stayed in a brand new hotel, open less than a month, and it was outstanding .  We ate in a restaurant right across the street called the Cork & Pig Tavern where we got great food and had a short walk home.  All in all, we found Odessa to be quite nice.

Tuesday morning was sunny and warm.  We left Odessa on our way to Deming, New Mexico where we stayed with a good friend from Juneau, Sandy Adams.  She is taking care of her 91 year old mother who lives with her in this southwest style house.

deming house

She has two lovable dogs, Velvet a black pug and Blondie a tan and white pit bull who watch out for her while her husband is away driving his truck.

sandy dogs

We had a very nice evening catching up on what we’ve each been doing for the past few years.  Sandy made us a hearty, home cooked meal of pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy and fresh asparagus.

After dinner we made a dash for a special place in the mountains near her home to see the sunset.  We missed the actual sunset but it was still beautiful to see the valley as it lit up at night.


We’ll have to spend more time investigating the area with Sandy next time we’re here.


This morning we set off for Gila Bend, Arizona and had a nice ride.  The car is really starting to get dirty.  With all the bugs, dust and dirt,  we’re due for a good wash and vacuum.

dirty car

The landscape throughout New Mexico and Arizona has been really interesting.  We’ve never seen anything quite like it.  I’m not sure I ‘get’ the desert but it’s a really beautiful place in its own way.

guadalupe mtns

Most of it has been really green since there’s been lots of rain lately.

desert 2

That probably makes a big difference in what we’ve seen.

We’re staying in an old fashioned motel tonight.


I’m not sure Bill is very happy with my choice but we’ll be fine.

yucca 2

Tomorrow we’ll drive to our next destination, beautiful San Diego, California.  One of my best friends and her family live in Santee and we’re going to spend a few days visiting with all of them.  Oh, what fun this road trip is.

One thought on “Desert Vistas”

  1. Hope you get to see Texas in the early spring next time. The bluebonnets and other wild flowers are amazing. I’m enjoying the various front porches too. And you’ll probably see some more wind farms in California. Just wanted to let you know I’m watching. Susie

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