Big Tex

We got up to cloudy skies and  mild temps this morning.  As soon as everyone was ready, we went to the Texas State Fair.  We took the light rail from a station really close to the house and it saved a lot of time and aggravation in the car.  I think I was the only person wearing a sleeveless shirt at the fair and luckily it was really pleasant and we had a wonderful day.  We took lots of pictures, so here goes:

Here’s Big Tex, he welcomes all who enter the fairgrounds.  If you haven’t heard by now, everything is bigger in Texas.


Horse sculptures made from 3000 pounds of butter???

IMG_0770We went up in the Top O’ Texas Tower that rose 500 feet in the air and then rotated (not fast) so that you could see in all directions. Here’s the Dallas skyline.


The Texas Star ferris wheel at the fairground.


And the fairgrounds from above.  There were just a few people here!


Then there was the fair food.  You name it, they fry it!  Here is a strawberry waffle that Alan had bragged about.


I had to give it a taste.


It was a bit messy but really good.


Allison found a big dill pickle to her liking.


And, last but not least there were animals.  They included baby chicks,


baby pigs,

IMG_0786and cows.

IMG_0791We also saw the judging of some cows.  This cow was way bigger than his handler.  The cow got 3rd place and they were both really cute.


What a day!  It was great fun.

When we got home Allison had to take off for Tulsa, Oklahoma and a job interview tomorrow.  Good luck Allison!  Before she left, we got a group picture on the front porch.

gang front door

Later, we went out to the backyard and there were bunches of butterflies in the flowers.  They’re really fun to watch.  Can you see the butterflies?


I also have some pictures from last night out by the pool with shimmery water.

pool night 3

And the group by the tree.

group  treeWhen Scruffy heard that we were leaving tomorrow, this was his reaction.


Now, we’re going to get some dinner and spend a relaxing final evening in Plano.  Since Texas is such a BIG state, it’s going to take us a couple of days to get across it.  Tomorrow we are heading for Odessa, Texas and an overnight stop before reaching Deming, New Mexico and a day with a good friend from Juneau on Tuesday.



One thought on “Big Tex”

  1. Tell Scruffy I felt the same way when you left TN but he is much more expressive. Great picture. I laughed out loud. Susie

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