Tennessee Gospel Music

Tuesday morning I slept in and it felt really good.  By the time I got up, Tim had gone to swim in the Senior Olympics at the University of Tennessee in Martin.  When I finally got going , Bill, Susie and I decided to go to lunch in Camden at the Down Home Café where we got some good, southern cooking.  On the way home we stopped at Walmart for a few items and got this picture.


When we got home and caught up with Tim, he had won two gold medals, one each in the 50 meter freestyle and 100 meter IM.  Congratulations Tim!

In the afternoon Susie took us for a walk in the woods and down to the pond on their property.  On the way we ran into an unwelcome forest guest.  I’m definitely not a snake person!


When we got to the pond it was an idyllic, peaceful setting.


Tim then joined us on his 4-wheeler.

walk in the woods

After hiking back to the house and a little rest, Tim smoked a pork loin and we had pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and sweet potatoes for dinner.  More wonderful southern cooking.   I think I could get used to this.

This morning we got up to a beautiful, sunny day and went down to the Senior Center with Tim and Susie so Tim could practice with his musical group for a performance scheduled later this month at a local nursing home.  It was great fun to listen to gospel music played by some amazing local musicians.  I really enjoy listening to the southern accents too.

making music

After the music we went to the Down Home Café for lunch once again.  We had another great lunch before heading home for a little relaxation.

When we got home we took the requisite group picture on the front porch.


In the early evening we took a ride through Natchez Trace State Park.  It was a really scenic drive and along the way we saw all this ivy looking stuff.  It’s the invasive plant kudzu which is really bad for the local plants but has totally taken over this area.


We drove to Pin Oak Lodge which had a pretty lake nearby and a good restaurant where we had dinner.

IMG_0746 After dinner we went outside to really beautiful full moon over the lake.  My picture doesn’t do it justice, it was an amazing view.


Now we’re home relaxing and watching TV.  Tomorrow we’ll get going on our journey once again.  It’s going to be hard to leave this wonderful southern hospitality, but we’ve got a schedule to keep. We’ll be heading for Plano, Texas where we expect to arrive on Friday after a stopover in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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