Sunny Tennessee

We woke up Sunday morning to more cloudy and cold weather.  It makes you believe that it really is fall.  Once we got up and moving we went to breakfast with Mary Beth and Christy at Bob Evans before heading home to pack and get started on our journey to Tennessee.

The drive from Delaware to Nashville was LONG but uneventful.  We were worn out by the time we got to the hotel even though we hadn’t really done anything.  Unbeknownst to us, we had crossed over to the Central Time Zone and gained an hour along the way.  We walked down the street to a nice BBQ dinner recommended by the front desk, walked back to the hotel and went to sleep.

This morning we woke up to a huge thunder clap around 6:30am but by the time we got going it was a sunny day.  The drive to Holladay was easy and relatively quick, less than two hours.  When we arrived at Tim and Susie’s house it was a lovely warm, sunny afternoon.


Susie fed us a super lunch of BLT’s using lettuce from her garden and tomatoes from the neighbors.  We are really enjoying all the amazing produce that’s available.

They have a young golden retriever named Ben that true to his breed and loves to get pets on the head.  While we were eating lunch he was relaxing on the porch.  I took this picture through the screen door so I wouldn’t wake him up.


We spent a relaxing afternoon catching up with Tim and Susie and looking around their property.   Susie showed us their gardens and the cabin where they used to live.


Here we are at a bird bath that they built.

bird bath

When we got back to the house, Susie found that some little red bugs that love to bite her ankles were all over the bottom of her skirt.  She thought it was late enough in the year that they wouldn’t be around but unfortunately they found her.  Luckily, they didn’t bother Bill or me and she seemed to be okay once she washed them off.

For dinner they prepared a luscious fettuccini alfredo with grilled chicken, portobello mushrooms and peppers as well as a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden.

susie tim

It made a beautiful plate.


After dinner Bill and Susie did the dishes while I was getting this post organized.  When Bill went out to the car for some stuff he noticed there was a full moon.


Now we’re watching the Dodgers and Cardinals ballgame and I’m really hoping that the Dodgers win.  It’s not looking very good but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

One thought on “Sunny Tennessee”

  1. I am becoming seriously intimated by the wonderful meals all of Billy’s family have been fixing for you! I will have to start preparing my menu now…you’ll be here next week! Do you think there is time for me to grow an organic garden or raise chickens or anything? Hmmm…might have to settle for In-and-Out :).

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