Easy, Breezy days

We woke up to a rather blustery Friday morning.  There was rain predicted and we got it!  We did lots of relaxing throughout the morning, here are Bill and Baxter doing some stretching.


Around noon we picked Christy up from school (she got to take the afternoon off) to go to lunch.  We went to Senor Antonio’s and had a hearty mexican lunch before going to the mall.  Mary Beth and Christy did some shopping at Penney’s and the Disney Store respectively while Bill and I went to the Apple store to check out iPads. The store was absolutely crazy and the prices were just what we saw online so I got a case for a  pretty price and we got out of there.

After the mall we went to Costco where Bill bought me an iPad for my birthday. 🙂


We headed home after our shopping trip and took it easy until we met Tom at an amazing Italian restaurant, La Scala, for dinner.  This restaurant is a required stop every time we come to Columbus and it didn’t disappoint.  We had an extraordinarily delicious meal.

group photo

Bill took a great picture of Tom and Mary Beth who will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary later this month.

tom and mb

Not to be outdone, Christy took this selfie with the camera.  Not a bad job when she couldn’t see what she was taking a picture of.

christy selfie

Tom and Christy stopped on the way home and got Handel’s ice cream for dessert.  What a great way to end the day.

This morning we woke up to more rain and cold temperatures.  Tom modeled some of his cold weather gear.

tom hat

By the time I got up, Tom had left for Youngstown to spend some time with his mom for her birthday.  Not too much later it started to hail. It was really coming down hard so Bill moved our car into the garage, just in case. When we took the dog for a walk a little later there was still some hail left in the grass.


The temperature has dropped from the mid 80’s a few days ago to the mid 40’s this morning.  That along with a pretty stiff wind made for a very chilly walk, it’s a good thing we’re so tough.  Here are Bill, Mary Beth and Baxter on the trail.

bill mb walk

We had leftover Italian for lunch which was just as good as last night and then Mary Beth and I went out to do some shopping.  Bill stayed home and got a picture of the kitty in the window.


Christy and her friend Skylyn had gone out shopping in the afternoon and after they got home we all went to dinner together at Opa, a Greek eatery in Delaware.  It was a really good dinner and we all came away satisfied.


Now we’re going to settle in and watch a movie on our last night in Ohio.  It’s going to be sad to leave tomorrow but the road trip must go on and we have more things to do and people to see.  Our next stop will be in Holladay, Tennessee to visit with another of Bill’s sisters, Susie and her husband Tim.  We’ve never been there before so we’re really looking forward to seeing them and hopefully finding some warm weather.


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