Indians Win!

This morning we left Rochester, NY heading towards Cleveland.  I never realized how rural New York was, there was lots of corn and other crops I couldn’t identify along the interstate.  We passed over the Erie Canal a few times and that was kind of cool.  I’d like to come back sometime and cruise at least part of it.

We made it to Cleveland with nary a problem.  After a short mid-day rest we headed to Progressive Field for an Indians baseball game.  We had even better seats than at the Red Sox game!


The game  was fun and included a few lead changes and quite a few runs.  It was a beautiful, warm evening.  It sure is nice not to have to wear a coat all the time.

We got to see Slider (the Indians mascot) up close.

006As well as the Mustard guy.


And best of all, the Indians won.


Tomorrow we head for Columbus to visit with Bill’s sister, Mary Beth, and her family for the weekend.  It should be great fun.

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