On the Road Again, sort of

John, Anne and Kristin fixed a big, wonderful breakfast Sunday morning.


After breakfast, we headed to the front steps for a group picture.


After the picture, we headed to the beach in hopes of finding some sunshine.  We weren’t terribly successful with the sunshine but it was warm and a nice day for a walk on the beach.


We also enjoyed sitting on the wall near the harbor.

beach photo

After the beach we went to Pedro’s for mexican food which I had been craving.  The food was great and the reggae band was pretty good too.


Andrew had to leave for Connecticut and school early Sunday evening and the rest of us did another puzzle.  I’m finding puzzles to be really addictive.  I couldn’t stop until it was done.


Monday morning we were set to get back on the road.  We really enjoyed spending time with family in Maine but the road was calling. Next stop, Cooperstown, New York and the Baseball Hall of Fame, or so we thought.  The trees are just starting to turn so I took a picture out the window on the interstate.

road view

About an hour into the drive we were looking for a place to stop and get fuel and ‘ding’ we got a warning light.  I assumed it was a low fuel warning, but no, it was a power steering needs service warning.  Here we go again…  I talked to my good friend Siri and found the nearest Ford dealership was only about 2 miles away.  We got off the freeway and went straight there.  Again, the Ford dealer was really helpful and got to our car right away.  There was a power steering part that needed to be replaced and it was ordered right away.  The only problem was that there wasn’t enough time for the part to be delivered, replaced and re-calibrated before closing time.   So, we are at a hotel in Andover, Massachusetts with great hopes of being on the road again before noon tomorrow.  We should be back on schedule by Wednesday if all goes well, if not we’ll need to make some adjustments.  Every day is an adventure.  Wish us luck!


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