Acadia National Park, here we come

This morning we needed to be at the Arundel Ford dealer at 8am so I had to get up early (ugh!) and be ready to go.  You may have forgotten but our new car is still broken.  When we got there, we met Frank, a local mechanic, and he fixed our car!  He replaced a tire pressure sensor that was broken and, abracadabra, no more problems.  We took him some doughnuts from the local bakery (and got some breakfast while we were there) and were on the road to Acadia before noon in our very own car.

driving down the highway

On the way to Acadia we only encountered one warning light and unfortunately it’s one that we had to take care of ourselves.

fuel warning

After filling up with gas ($3.36 a gallon) and grabbing some lunch we were on the road again.  When we got to our cottage in Acadia, we were amazed.  Everything about it is beautiful!  This is the gate on the road to the cottage.

cottage entrance road

This is the front of the cottage.

acadia frontHere is the porch area and entrance door (the door on the right).

acadia exterior car

Here is the side yard with picnic table, chairs and BBQ.

acadia lawnAnd the view looking out the front windows.

cottage view

Once we went inside, it got even better.  Here is the living area,

acadia living room

and the kitchen behind me.

acadia cottage BonnieThere are also two lovely bedrooms and a very nice bathroom.  We could live here forever!

After a little rest at the cottage, we drove into Bar Harbor for dinner.  We went down to the waterfront to take a look before it got dark.  I think we’re going to like this place.

Bar Harbor 2

We went to a great little cafe for dinner that was super busy even on Monday evening.  I  had what they called ‘Shepherds Pie’ and it was eggplant, mashed potatoes and spicy creamed corn.  Everything was made from fresh ingredients and you could really tell, it was so good!

shephards pie

After dinner we made a quick stop at Hannaford, a really nice regional grocery store, for supplies.  After shopping, we headed home for bed.


We’re both so exhausted tonight we don’t even have the energy to watch a movie. Tomorrow they’re forecasting rain.  If it happens, we won’t feel bad at all about sitting in our cozy little cottage reading, napping, watching movies and recharging for the day.

2 thoughts on “Acadia National Park, here we come”

  1. Remember that Gary and I spent our honeymoon in Bar Harbor? It was December and we were the only “tourists” in the area. I do remember eating the best blueberry pancakes (there was only one restaurant open during the whole time we were there so we frequented daily and luckily the food was good.) We both would love to go back, but this time in the summer.

  2. Hannafords are the best! (Biased opinion, buhahahaha!) Love the cottage too cute and so nice… can I have it for my house?! Hope you get a relax and recover day, cool and rainy down here in Southern Maine!

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