The Freedom Trail

Today we walked some of the Freedom Trail.  This is a 2 and 1/2 mile route through Boston highlighting 16 historically significant Revolutionary era sites.  We started at Boston Common, America’s oldest public park.  The weather was really pleasant and made for easy walking.  There is a line of either red paint or bricks on the sidewalk that leads you through the town to the different sites on the trail.  It’s interesting how the old and new are blended in the downtown area.


The route includes several old burial grounds.  Many of the headstones had a skull and crossbones or a skull and wings carved on them.  It must have been fashionable at the time.  One that caught our eye included a ‘skeleton and Father Time battling over the eventuality of death’.  You can see the skeleton trying to snuff out the candle and Father Time trying to stop him.  This headstone is from 1678 and still readable!

Boston tombstone

We ended up at the waterfront and took a ferry that’s part of the ‘T’ system across Boston Harbor to the Charlestown Navy Yard where the USS Constitution is moored.


The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world and is affectionately known as ‘Old Ironsides’.  We were able to tour the ship which was in really good condition and very interesting.  It reminded us of all the Patrick O’Brien books we’ve read about these kinds of ships.

P1050833Below decks there was a cannon named ‘Jumping Billy’.


There was also a lion with bright red eyes on the side of the ship.  I’m not sure what it meant but it looked pretty cool.  Anyone out there know what this might mean?

Boston lion eyes

After a full day of sightseeing we took the ‘T’ back to the hotel and still haven’t been lost (I hope I didn’t just jinx us).  We took a little rest before going out for dinner near the hotel in Cambridge.  I got a beautiful beet salad to go with my gnocchi and Billy had an arugula salad and ox tail ravioli for dinner.  He said it was really good…

beet salad

I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight so we’re ready to go for another Boston adventure tomorrow.  I think we might check out Harvard Yard as well as go to the top (52nd floor) of the Prudential Building for a birds eye view of the city.  Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.

4 thoughts on “The Freedom Trail”

  1. Oh how fun! Did you know the MA license law before you went or did you find that out when you arrived? Enjoy the city while you are there, I think it sounds lovely.

    1. We did know about the MA license laws before we left Alaska. The key is there is no provision for ‘temporary tags’. They want the tax money upfront. They can’t imagine that any state might not charge ‘sales’ tax. We are very ‘spoiled’ in Alaska with the ultra low taxes we have.

      It’s working out well since we are now in Boston and riding the sub-way or “T” to get around the city. Bonnie thinks riding the “T” is very fun. She is easily entertained I guess :).

  2. Bill & Bonnie
    sounds like you guys know how to have fun enjoy your trip . Maybe we can all meet up for dinner when you guys head west if you are coming through Ohio.
    was supposed to pick Jeff up last night but he is not a very good flyer,LOL.he got stuck in Detroit MI.
    keep your blog going like to keep up-dated with you guys.

  3. Greg, I will give you a call. We definitely want to see you when we get to Ohio at the very end of September. Thanks for following our adventure. I bet this is Just what you would love to do…..Go on Driving Trip!!!

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