Ketchikan, Frosty Bay and Wrangell

We stayed an extra day in Ketchikan (Wednesday) and we got a sunny one!  What are the odds?  The lady in the harbor office told us that it had rained 5 inches on Sunday!

sunny ktn

We caught up on laundry and did some sightseeing downtown. This is the infamous Creek Street, now just a tourist hot spot.

ktn creek street

Both days in Ketchikan there were at least three cruise ships in town and they all used the channel in front of our harbor, quite a site except when they’re blowing their fog horns at 5:30 in the morning.

ktn cruise ship1

We left Ketchikan first thing Thursday morning and had a very comfortable trip to Frosty Bay.

bye ktn

This bay was supposed to have a bunch of seals around the entrance but they must have found a new home because we only saw one during our stay.  There was a Forest Service cabin in the bay and we met some field workers who were very relieved to hear that we hadn’t rented the cabin so they could stay there and get a good nights’ sleep.

frosty bay 2

The trip to Wrangell wasn’t quite as dependent on tides as some of the other routes so we slept in a bit and headed to Wrangell around 9 this morning.  The morning started out cloudy but is now a beautiful, sunny day. The thermometer on our weather station (that is directly in the sun) says its 90 degrees.  That’s an exaggeration but it is really nice and warm.

hello wrangell better

We are in a harbor that’s about a mile from town so we got the tender down and took a ride into town for some lunch and a look around.  When we got back, there was a boy and his dad on the end of the dock with a really nice halibut.

wrangell boy and halibut

We went back to town for dinner at the Stikine Inn, I highly recommend it if you’re ever in Wrangell.  You’d better have a pocket full of money but the food is worth it!  We both forgot our phones and the camera so no more pictures tonight.  There’s a really pretty sunset but the breakwater around our harbor blocks it so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  We’re planning to go to Petersburg tomorrow and due to the tides we don’t have to leave until around 10am.  That will give us time to sleep in, take showers and  go into town again.  There are a couple more pictures I’d like to share, but first I have to take them.  Nighty-night.

2 thoughts on “Ketchikan, Frosty Bay and Wrangell”

  1. Sitka is in our plans but not before we head home. We hope to be home within two weeks or so. Perhaps Sitka later this summer. We are looking forward to some Sitka Time.

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