Foggy Bay and Ketchikan

Monday morning and still in Prince Rupert, but not for long.  Our friends and marina neighbors Gerd and Linda took off just before we did.  We really enjoyed visiting with them and getting lots of good advice on boating in the Inside Passage.  We’re hoping to see them again when they pass through Auke Bay in July.

bye gerd linda

We left Prince Rupert about 9am in hopes of catching good tides and currents.

bye prince rupert

We left via the Venn Channel, a narrow, zig-zag channel that saved about 15 miles compared to going out the same way we came in.  We had carefully planned the route and had the good luck of a fishing boat going the same way just a bit in front of us so that we got the ‘local knowledge’ that the guide book recommended.  We had to pay close attention but got through with no problem.

venn channel

Once through Venn Channel we went as far as Dundas Island to look at the weather and determine whether to stop in Brundige Inlet or go across Dixon Entrance to Foggy Bay.  The weather was better than expected for making the crossing so we forged ahead to Foggy Bay.  This lighthouse on Green Island was at our decision point.

light house dixon entrance

When we reached Foggy Bay the entrance wasn’t easy to find and you guessed it, another rather narrow channel.

foggy bay  ent

On our way through the entrance, I saw this little water outlet and thought it was picture worthy.

waterfall in foggy bay

When we got to the anchorage, the bay had opened into a beautiful, serene little spot.

foggy bay 1 (1024x765)

After dinner it started to rain a bit, and it kept raining harder until it turned into a downpour! That’s water pouring off the roof of the boat. Now we’re feeling like we’re back in Southeast Alaska.

rain in foggy bay

Before bedtime, the weather cleared up some and it quit raining.  This was the view we had to Revillagigedo Channel from our anchorage.

view from foggy bay anchorage (1024x765)

It really started blowing during the night and was still going strong when we got up in the morning.  We waited an hour or so past our planned start and the wind seemed to have calmed down so we left for Ketchikan.  That was probably a mistake, but we were on our way for a long, lumpy ride.  The seas settled down a little before we got to Ketchikan and it even stopped raining.

hello ktn

We were now back in the US and had to check in with Customs, which went much better than expected.  As we were going the mile or so to our harbor we came across some noteworthy sites.  First, we saw our old Port Hardy neighbor in a downtown harbor (the great big boat with the back end sticking out and the mast taller than the building behind it).

SOC in ktn

Then there was dodging the Beavers, the flying kind (common Alaskan float planes), that seemed to be taking off and landing all over the place.

float plane ktn

If that wasn’t enough there were also three cruise ships tied up at the docks.  Luckily they stayed put while we were passing.  This is another very busy harbor.

float plane and cruise ship

After docking and checking in at the harbor we went for a very overdue lunch and I got my first ‘iced tea’ in a month.  I think we’re going to stay here for a couple of days.  It’s great to be back in the USA!

ice tea

PS – Thanks for your comments, we really enjoy hearing from you so please keep it up.  It makes us feel good to know that friends and family are looking at these posts and maybe even enjoying them…

5 thoughts on “Foggy Bay and Ketchikan”

  1. Love reading your posts and looking at your pics. I must say, neither of you seem to be missing work much. Madeline is a real beauty!

  2. I love the blog! I looked today to see where you were and saw you were on your way to Ketchikan! I know that feeling of getting back to the USA. You don’t realize it until you renter the country. It’s not something I can ever describe but I know how it feels!

  3. Glad you made it to Ketchikan! That lighthouse is pretty cool with the red roof. 🙂 Funny you mention iced tea, because while we were in Ireland NO ONE served it. Weird. I bet it feels great to be in Alaska again. You’re almost home! Hurry up, so we can all come see your tug! 🙂

    1. It is funny about the iced tea. They just don’t serve it in Canada. And Bonnie and Alan checked in about a hundred restaurants. They even taught one place, ‘ The Treehouse Restaurant’ how to make it. And the lady was surprised at how simple it is. I guess we were supposed to be drinking beer!

  4. I looked at your “where’s Madeline” map and wow, you are really getting close to home! What a wonderful trip, I’m so glad you’ve made it happen. Looking forward to seeing what adventures you take on next!

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