Shearwater and Hartley Bay, BC

We left Shearwater bright and early Monday morning and headed up Seaforth Channel.

bye shearwater

Not long after, we went by this picturesque lighthouse and couldn’t resist taking a picture.


It was getting a little roly before we got to the Milbanke Sound crossing so we decided to take a shortcut through Reid Passage to Mathieson Channel.  This was a really narrow passage but we made it through unscathed.

narrow place 1a (1024x768)

We then came across a bright red 32 foot Nordic Tug, Sandpiper II, coming out of Rescue Bay and it was like looking at a reflection of ourselves.  Pretty amazing what you can find in the middle of nowhere.

duplicate (1024x768)

Our next adventure was to transit Jackson Narrows and they aren’t kidding when they say narrow. We thought that Reid Passage was narrow but it had nothing on Jackson Narrows.  At one point I think we could have safely jumped out to the land on either side of the boat.

narrow place 2 (1024x768)

Just before entering into Bottleneck Inlet to anchor for the evening we saw our first Orcas.  They were swimming up the channel and we saw fins and backs but they didn’t perform for us.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Bottleneck Cove was truly serene.


We left Bottleneck Cove early Tuesday morning in the sunshine but the day got overcast before long and it was a long, fairly uneventful trip to the village of Hartley Bay.  We saw some pretty waterfalls along the way but not much else worth reporting.

butedale waterfall (1024x768)

We’re tied up in a little marina that seems to have been built for the fishing boats in Hartley Bay.  We walked around the boardwalk but didn’t find anything besides houses so I guess we’re on our own for the evening.

hartley bay

5 thoughts on “Shearwater and Hartley Bay, BC”

  1. Thanks for the comments!. It’s fun to know someone is looking at the Blog/website. We are truly fortunate to have an opportunity to make a trip like this.

  2. You guys are so blessed! And I am so envious! Following daily and enjoying your trip vicariously. Hope you got my email, Bill. Thanks for the call, sorry to have missed you. Keep the posts and photos coming.

  3. amazing pictures WOW the scenery is breathtaking I am sure it will be a unforgetable trip. I am enjoying your Blog every evening I am checking it out
    tonight from Albany ,New York.
    have a great week

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