Sullivan Bay Marina – Backbone of the BC Coast

We left  Kwatsi Bay this morning rested and ready to go.  We had cinnamon buns from Port Harvey for breakfast which were really good – again.

bye kwatsi

After we left the dock, Alan did his daily daisy chain with the lines.  He tells us he can’t wait to get home to do this with all his extension cords.

daisy chain

On our way to Sullivan Bay we had another fun run with the porpoises.  There was a whole herd of them and they were jumping all around the boat.  It was great fun to watch them.


After a fairly short and unmemorable journey…

bonnie sleeping

…we arrived at Sullivan Bay Marina. It’s a really cool little place with a neighborhood of float houses as well as a marina, restaurant, store, shower/laundry facility and a very friendly staff.

hello sullivans

After docking we went on a little walk around the neighborhood to check out the float houses.  Then we took it easy for a while before the 5pm happy hour where we met up in the restaurant for some socializing.  There was even live entertainment!

happy hour piano

We then had dinner at the best restaurant in town (it’s the only restaurant but it was really good).  They made us shrimp fettucini alfredo with pesto and it was delicious as was the cheesecake with chocolate and strawberry drizzle for desert.

best restaurant

The result was an after happy hour, dinner and desert coma.

after happy hour

Life is GOOD today!

Sullivan bay trio

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