Port Harvey Marine Resort

We left Blind Channel Resort early this morning in the sunshine once again. 🙂

bye blind channel

We headed back into Johnstone Strait and had a little bit of a roly-poly ride but then it calmed down for a pleasant run into Lagoon Cove, wait no, Port Harvey Marine Resort.  Bonnie and Alan made a VERY last minute change to our destination (much to our skippers chagrin) when we read that they will deliver hot cinnamon buns to the boat in the morning.  They are also going to make us a large pepperoni pizza for dinner tonight.  How can you beat that? Plus they have a pretty good internet connection and are super friendly!

port harvey resort


port harvey boat

After docking and lunch we contemplated going for a walk on the beach for some afternoon activity or taking a nap.  Naps on this boat are referred to as ‘folding laundry’ and I can tell you that there is not an unfolded piece of cloth to be found!  Guess what we did?

bnb napping

This is my kind of afternoon activity!  Since we started this trip our definition of the word ‘resort’ has undergone drastic change but as one of the reviews in the guide books says, what this place lacks in luxury it makes up for with welcome charm.  The pizza was great and was followed up with strawberry cheesecake – yum!



Now there’s a few games of Yahtzee to play before bed and dreams of cinnamon buns…



One thought on “Port Harvey Marine Resort”

  1. Looks like you guys are just having too much fun! I am really, really enjoying the blog posts and pictures. Tim’s an expert at folding laundry so if you ever need any help …he’s the master.

    Keep the news coming it’s fun to follow along. You could prob get job working for the Victoria tourist bureau, or did I write that already? Anyway more later, love to all S&T

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