Blind Channel Resort 6/8/14

We spent a delightful Saturday evening in Campbell River, BC.  I wanted to post this picture of Madeline in Campbell River last night but I couldn’t get a copy of the picture into the post so here it is today.  Can you find Madeline?


We left Campbell River early this morning under cloudy skies in order to make the slack tide at Seymour Narrows.

bye campbell river

We followed a tug and barge through the narrows without incident and cruised on to Blind Channel Resort.

seymour narrows barge

Blind Channel Resort is a beautiful setting even with the light rain that began to fall not long after we arrived.  The internet signal seems work on the boat most of the time which is a bonus.

hello blind channel

Alan is preparing the prawns that we got for loaning our chairs to the fishermen in Refuge Cove so dinner should be a feast tonight!


He even did the dishes when he finished his prep work, this is my lucky day!  It’s really started to rain now so we may have a fairly quiet evening, I don’t think anyone on board will mind.  I guess is can’t be sunny every day…




One thought on “Blind Channel Resort 6/8/14”

  1. So glad I finally got this link so that I can follow your journey!! Madeline is a pretty classy-looking lady, you chose well! Also very glad you are experiencing mostly smooth sailing. I’m looking forward to all your updates!

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