Refuge Cove and Campbell River

We left Powell River a little later than usual on Friday for a pleasantly short journey to Refuge Cove.

bye powell river

We pumped out before we left and I had the job to get the new deodorizer from the gallon jug into a more usable container (?) and made a huge, blue mess.

bonnie toilet

Refuge Cove was a little different than we expected with no internet, no restaurants and they turned the generator off at 6pm.  We spent a quiet evening although I did get some laundry done to the tune of $11 and we met some fishermen who traded us some prawns for the use of our lawn chairs for a couple hours.  We also saw some interesting modes of transportation in the cove…

Refuge Cove-13


dock boat


We left Refuge Cove fairly early Saturday morning and arrived in Campbell River before noon.

bye refuge cove

We got a great space in the harbor and enjoyed another sunny afternoon.

It was ‘Ocean Day’ and there was a bunch of stuff going on near the harbor including tours of the Canadian Coast Guard 47’ rescue boat.

Campbell River-6

We got some good showers and there is internet in the harbor but you have to be right next to the harbor office to make it work so I’m going up to the office to get this posted.  Wish me luck…


One thought on “Refuge Cove and Campbell River”

  1. Thanks for keeping up the blog. I am living vicariously through you!!! It looks like you are having a wonderful time.

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